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Amber Whelan

Birth Doula + Postpartum Support

Hello there! My name is Amber, I'm an experienced and inclusive, certifying birth doula under DONA International; currently working with families in Treaty 6 - Amiskwacîwâskahikan - Edmonton Area. 

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Holding the Belly

Strength in Support

Somewhere along the line, birthing people lost the support they need to go through labor and postpartum in an empowered way. We can go back in history and see the trends that brought us to where we are today,  and we can change that narrative ourselves. People need people; even more so, parents need people. You don't have to go through labour, birth, and postpartum on your own. Experienced birth workers like myself are ready and waiting to guide you through this incredible process.


As a birth doula, I want to help you have a birth that resonates in all of the right ways. I want you to feel heard, respected, and nurtured in this pivotal moment in your life. There is strength in support. 

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